From the perspective of the students: Reporting counselor educators’ teaching practices
Alvin Odon Insorio 1 2
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1 College of Graduate Studies and Teacher Education Research-Philippine Normal University-Manila, Philippines
2 San Pedro College of Business Administration, Laguna, Philippines


Teaching practices have been reported by educators using the outcomes from their students or documents from their reports and accomplishment. Feedback from the students is seldom used in reporting the teaching practices, especially in graduate studies. The study intended to discover counselor educators’ teaching practices such as teaching methods and strategies, assessment, follow-up activities, and assignments in the eyes of their students. So, the teaching practices of counselor educators were reported by their students by answering the questionnaire and interview questions. Class observations were also conducted to verify the responses of the students. This study was an explanatory sequential design where quantitative data were collected first followed by qualitative. A total of eighty-two participants purposively selected were voluntarily joined the study from Region IV-A, Philippines and it was revealed that counselor educators facilitate the transfer of learning by linking conceptual learning to real-life experiences following constructivist philosophy. Various assessment tools were utilized by the counselor educators in evaluating the needs of the students and measuring the learning outcomes. Feedback from the students was also used right after the given activity or examination. Counselor educators maximize the potential of the students by allowing them to explore their learning in the community. Moreover, they make themselves available for consultations and interviews as the means of extending their services.




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