International Journal of Didactical Studies

Language: English   |    ISSN: 2718-0409   |      DOI: 10.33902/ijods     |      Publication: Triannually (as of 2024)

International Journal of Didactical Studies is an international scientific journal that publishes the peer-reviewed articles on any area of education. The journal is devoted to the teachers, teacher educators or teacher training institutions, any instructors of all levels of education as well as students or people who are interested in the educational research. The journal targets to serve sharing reflections from effective learning environments, fostering efforts to improve meaningful understandings, reflecting conceptual understanding as well as theoretical and experimental advancements in educational sciences. We strictly support an open access policy, therefore all published articles are available to download for free.

Current Issue Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2024

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Research Articles

Enhancing students’ behavioural and cognitive engagement through active learning strategies in physics

International Journal of Didactical Studies, Volume 5, Issue 1, Article No: 23328

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